Author Guidelines



  1. The manuscript for the E-Conference must be submitted in the format given below. The report not in the prescribed format will not be accepted.
  2. The manuscript must be self checked for plagiarism before submitting.
  3. Number of words for each section in clearly mentioned in the format. Submit the manuscript accordingly.
  4. If any section is not applicable, kindly mention it below the particular section.
  5. Original work will carry more weightage when compared to reviews.
  6. Submissions will be considered by an associate editor and - if not rejected right away - by peer-reviewers, whose identities will remain anonymous to the authors.

The Original manuscript shall have maximum of 6500 words and should be in the following format

  • Title in 20 words
  • Abstract
Includes information such as Objective, Design, Procedure, Results and Conclusion in 250 words
  • Key Words in maximum 6 words
  • Introduction
State the purpose of study in 100 words
  • Methodology
Describe in sufficient detail to enable others to reproduce the work
  • Results or Findings
Includes present the findings concisely and logically, referring to accompanying figures and tables where necessary
  • Discussion/Conclusion
Includes the summary of findings, Limitations, Recommendations for future research in maximum 1500 words
  • References - Maximum of 40 references


The review shall have maximum of 6500 words and should be in the following format

  • Abstract
Shall include up to 250 words
  • Introduction
Give a brief introduction about the areas on which you are going to review the article in 200 to 250 words
  • Critical Review
Review of literature, observations and findings, validity of the conclusion, conflicting observations and interpretations, and not simply a summary of published papers
  • Conclusions
  • References


Clinical reviews with either a single case report or a series of cases. These should concern a rare or new condition. Case reports that do not add substantially to the existing literature will not be published.

Maximum 3500 words and up to 30 references (case series should not exceed 6500 words).

  • Structured Summary
Author defined headings up to 200 words
  • Introduction
Indicating the importance of the case/s and why it is novel and worth reporting
  • Case report/series
Includes history and description of the animals, clinical features, diagnosis, interventions and procedures, and outcome. Descriptions should be brief and clear. The clinical features should be only those needed to convince readers that the case is what it is claimed to be and that other plausible diagnoses have been excluded. Reference ranges of values for any laboratory tests conducted must be included
  • Discussions
The author should
    1. discuss the evidence that the case is what they believe it to be
    2. discuss how their observations and the results of tests support their diagnosis, treatment and recommendations
    3. consider and refute other plausible explanations
    4. explain any other contradictory observations or evidence
    5. discuss the implications and relevance of the case
    6. identify lessons learnt from the case for investigation or management of similar cases
  • Acknowledgement
  • References

If for some technical issue submission through the system is not possible, the author can contact us for support:

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