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Authors: Edeifo Wilson Umolemeh

Topic: Nursing



This study was carried out in other to review nursing education and its administrationy in Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital, Sokoto, Nigeria. The aim is to determine how nurses view the ever expected shift from hospital based nursing training to University nursing education. The transformation and the overall outcome of this change on the health sector and the clients.  The research will be of great assistance to all cadres of nurses who wish to advance their career to the highest grade. A random sampling technique was employed in selecting respondents. A total number of 200 questionnaires were distributed and 191 were returned after filling by respondents. Based on educational level, 85% are diploma holders, while 15% (30) respondents are BNS holders. fig.4.1  shows that 95% are fully aware of university education. About 65% of respondents also argued that nurses could be good administrators. Based on the above findings, it was recommended that nurses should be encouraged to improve on their education so as to be able to face challenges facing the health sectors in the 21st century. Such challenges include advancement in medicine and nursing giving room to tele nursing and e-conferencing.     


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  • Omolola Oluwakorede Ademuyiwa (Viewer) 26th Nov 2015 - 1:34 PM
    Well done for your work, I feel that the topic coukd have been something like perspectives of nurses on the influence of nursing education on administration. Also, what evidence is there to state that nurse are not good administrators. I opine that this should be established first and foremost.
    In all, you did a good job. Best wishes.
    • Wilson Umolemeh Edeifo (Author) 27th Nov 2015 - 10:37 AM
      dear omolola A.O,
      Thanks for your comment and observation.
      your point of view ,perspective of nurses on nurses administration could be an ambiguous topic and confusing if put together in that way you proposed.i researched concurrently on both topics and systematically linked them up .I worked on the topic nursing education and its administrative challenges.This is a peculiar problem we have herein many teaching hospitals,as well as state hospitals.So I wanted to find out respondents opinion(nurses)

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  • Geethamma (Viewer) 26th Nov 2015 - 1:47 PM
    Good Morning.
    Edeifo Wilson Umolemeh

    It is a good capstone project .
    I would like to know ,How does the availability of adequately trained nurses and midwives affect maternal health services provision in Nigeria?

    When students are not well prepared for clinical practice, their care delivery skills will be compromised?

    Geethamma Jolly
    • Wilson Umolemeh Edeifo (Author) 27th Nov 2015 - 10:51 AM
      Dear Geethamma J,
      thanks much for your comment.
      Its a well known fact that health care workers are in deir shortages all over the world.This is probably due to an increasing teemingly older population.Nurses and midwives being mostly in acute shortages all over.In Nigeria,these categories of health workers are overstretched and are mostly burn out.The turnout of care rendered to patients inadvertently below the required standard.
      Now,with the availability of more trained nurses and midwives,ofcourse maternal and infant mortality will be greatly reduced if not completely eradicated.By posting adequate number of this health force group to the rural areas,there they can beat their cultural,religiousand ethnic barriers and attend to them at their grassroot levels.
      Also,it is assaying that what you know or have is what you can really give,when students intentionally and deliberately avoid clinical rotations,ofcourse they become halfbaked.Services delivered will be risky to unknowing clients and also below standard.
      thank you.

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  • Nileshkumar Madhubhai Baria (Viewer) 26th Nov 2015 - 2:25 PM
    Dr.Nileshkumar M Baria ( Viiewer ),
    this is well study analysis The satisfaction of patients with services in healthcare settings has turned out to be an important issue which if properly handled could help educate healthcare providers about their shortcomings and achievements, thus making them more responsive to the needs of patients ?
    • Wilson Umolemeh Edeifo (Author) 27th Nov 2015 - 10:59 AM
      Dr Nileshkumer. M.B
      Thanks for your good contribution.
      Patient satisfaction has now become the ultimate goal in our health care delivery systems.we want referral system,also we require feedback and follow up processes.clients prefer a place with good courtesy as well as accommodating environment.
      Here,quality assurance is introduced ,where we constantly review and assess the quality of care we give and improve on it ,for patient safety.

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  • Pethuru Devadason (Viewer) 26th Nov 2015 - 3:04 PM
    Good field work and Analysis of Data.
    But the Topic is not covering the essence of the study and giving a perception that it is a Review Article.
    The objectives mentioned are good but it seems they were not covered / fulfilled 'exactly' by the study.
    • Wilson Umolemeh Edeifo (Author) 27th Nov 2015 - 11:10 AM
      Dear mr Pethuru D,
      Thanks for your observation.But I as a author got some limitations.Remember one of my objectiveis is to assess the level of nursing education.This was stressed in the questionnaires given to respondents(nurses).knowing that nurses in the 70sand 80s, were just only registered nurses then,now the crave for degree holders in nursing is the other of the day.I wanted to find out how much nurse are interested in this change and also their embrace the advancement of their knowledge in careers in nursing.
      I wish I answered you question,but I don't understand the precision you are demanding for.
      thanks Mr pethuru.

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  • C.D. Dayanand (Viewer) 26th Nov 2015 - 3:40 PM
    Dear author


    study covered good number of questionnaires, but title indicated "review"
    what is your conclusion

    Prof Dr C.D.Dayanand
    • Wilson Umolemeh Edeifo (Author) 27th Nov 2015 - 11:17 AM
      thanks Dr C.D Dayamand,
      In the research I was also reviewing other people who made similar work on same subject.
      My conclusion is that ,nurses should be encouraged to crave for knowledge.By upgrading to BNS and other forms of advancement.This will widen their scopes thereby able to face the 21st century challenges .This will also make them to be better team players in the health team industry and contribute more to the safety of patients,which is our call.