Articles Submitted in Psychology for e-Conference 4

Sno Author Name Title of The Article View
1 LUK KUOK LEONG Prevalence of antenatal depressive symptoms and associated clinical and health risk factors among pregnant women with previous miscarriage in Kuching |
2 Aaltje Kisteman Cross-Cultural Conflict Communication Style and Couple Satisfaction between Partners of A High Individualistic Culture and Less Individualistic Cultures |
3 Ms. Onicak Hinds Domestic Violence, women and posttraumatic stress disorder |
4 PETER WORLANYO ABOMAH Student's Problems Locus of contro. Personality and Social Support as Predictor of Counseling Seeking Behavior of Adolescents in Senior Secondary Schools in Volta Region. Ghana |
5 Edna Chirwa Simwinga The Relationship between Socioeconomic Status, Home Environment, HIV/AIDS and Mental Illness in Lusaka | Read More
6 Rodney Blomhof Parental Abuse Triggers Low Self-esteem Resulting in Poor Academic Achievements in School Children. IN O.S Onverwacht Primary Public School District Para | Read More
7 Sherena Amela Persaud Public Perception of Counselling Psychology in Region Six, Guyana |
8 Mr. David Azael Mmbaga Assessing the Role of Communication in Breaking or Making Marriage among Seventh-day Adventists in Dar es Salaam region, Tanzania | Read More
9 dion Thompson Impulsivity and Self-Sabotaging Behavior: A Case Study |
10 Olayinka Ayodeji Obafemi-Moses Assessment of Psychoactive Substance Use, Its Maintaining Factors and Effectiveness of Motivational Intervention in Stopping Use Among Selected Adolescents In Lagos, Nigeria |