Articles Submitted in Education for e-Conference 4

Sno Author Name Title of The Article View
1 Fenton Ruparanganda Factors influencing students to drop Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects ( STEM) in secondary schools in Zimbabwe. |
2 ASIIMWE Contemporary Early Childhood Care and Education Programs: A Key to National Development ( A case of Botswana) |
3 Henri Buregea Bin Rwakenda School Leadership in Public and Private Higher institutions of Learning in Uganda: Mbale District |
4 NESTOR NAABULEE NASAGE The Role of Education on Small-Scale Mining for Sustainable Development A case of Banda/Nkwanta Community in The Bole District-Ghana. |
5 Mr. Caleb Moyo Evaluating the current usage and integration of ICTs in Education: A review of teachers’ usage and barriers to integration. |
6 Amina Jangu Alhassan The Role of Wisdom in Good Instructional Leadership: A Thematic Analysis of Views from Educational Leaders. |
7 Sumera Noshin Challenges and Issues of Medical/Nursing Education in Developing Economy and Way Forward for 21st Century Demands: An Outcome Research at various Medical/Nursing Institutes of Pakistan |
8 Marcos Campos Ferreira Intercultural Institutional Competence Proposed Standards Evaluation Framerwok |
9 Agnes Mando Banda Endline survey of Bwafwano integrated services: Founding Futures Preschools in Chazanga township of Lusaka district in Zambia |
10 Memoir Chimwamurombe Title: Adolescents’ Antisocial Behavior in Schools: Examining the Influence of Poverty in Low Socio- Economic Families and Schools. | Read More