Topics for E-Conference

    Country List

  • More than 25 countries participating in our Econference
  • Evaluation Criteria

    Max. Scores(100) Sections Details
    10% Introduction of the study Specifies the reasons/condition or
    P- Problem situation that led to the decision to conduct study
    I- Importance of the problem/Research
    L- literature to support
    O- Objectives
    T- Time (Optional)
    15% Methods Describe the type of research employed and how the study was made, mention ethical clearance if applicable
    20% Results and Discussion Answer the objectives of the study supported by charts, graphs, pictures (if required)
    10% Conclusions and Recommendation(optional) Cite the final discovery you want the research communities to remember, which synthesizes the answer to your objectives. State what can be done next to improve the situation
    25% Introduction of New concepts in the Study Introduction of new concepts ideas which would benefit the research community and society
    10% Over all adherence to the scientific format Appropriately expressing the concepts under each sections very succinctly
    5% Contribution to Society How this study helpful to the society
    5% Open Forum Answer to the questions posted, review other participant's paper



    We are happy to announce the Results of the Ist International Scientific E conference 2014

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