Information Technology

Articles Submitted in Information Technology for e-Conference 4

Sno Author Name Title of The Article View
1 Iweriebor Elvis Erere Automated Result Process System a Case Study of University of Port Harcourt | Read More
2 Samuel Chris Quist ICT Infrastructure Management of Rural and Community Banks in Ghana the Role of ARB Apex Bank |
3 waismeeran Contractor Information Management System (CIMS) – import module |
4 Barbara Moto Building a Mobile Data Collection Application for Strategic Advantage |
5 Ikechukwu Friday Ezeugo A Critical Review of ‘Operation Mechanism of the Driving Force System of Ecosystem of Cyber-Society Based on the System Dynamics’. |
6 Mpho Takalimane Perceptions of Nurses Regarding ICT at a Rural Hospital in Lesotho |
7 Francis Kwesi Aidoo End Users Security Awareness Campaign from Information Security Threats, Vulnerabilities and concurrent Cyber-Attacks. |
8 Henry Osborn Quarshie Cyber Crime in A World Without Boarders |
9 Rajab Philip Muchiri A Model to Assess Technological Innovations at Institutions of Higher Learning in Kenya |
10 Rajab Philip Muchiri The Impact of Broadband Diffusion in Assessing Innovation at the Institutions of Higher Learning in Kenya |