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Fourth e-Conference 2017

The first e-Conference was conducted in the year 2014 on the topic "New Frontiers in Scientific Research Of The Millennium". This event witnessed 420 participants from nearly 40+ countries with 137 papers submitted.

In the year 2015 the second e-Conference was conducted on the topic "Research, Technology and Innovation: The Bedrock for Global Development". For this event there were 883 participants from nearly 60+ countries with 275 papers submitted.

The 3rd e-Conference was conducted in the year 2016 on the topic "The Power Of Academic Research For Innovation in Practice And Policy". For this event there were nearly 1557 participants from 70+ countries with 350 papers submitted

The cogitate for doing e-conferences is obvious: because here you don't have to travel miles to take part in a conference. You can be a part of the occasion from anywhere.

e-Conferencing has grown in popularity, researchers have found a way to increase their interactivity with renowned speakers. "You cannot be successful on the Internet if you treat it like a television program that you sit back and watch" e-Conference is a platform to show case your research work.

TAU is all set to conduct the 4th e-Conference which will be from 26th October 2017 to 29th October 2017 on the topic "Global Education, Research, and Technology for Sustainable Development"

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