We cordially invite you to submit your original papers, review articles, technical reports and short communications containing new insight into our E-Conference. The purpose of the Second International Scientific E-Conference on "RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION: THE BEDROCK FOR GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT" is to have an open forum for the researchers and practitioners all over the world to interact with research scholars all over the world and to share new ideas and have discussions, presentations without having everybody physically present in the same place at the same time.

We seek novel, innovative and exciting work full-length papers from the prospective authors in all areas including but are not limited to the following fields:

Public Health

Epidemiology, Hygiene, Health Education, Environmental Health, Occupational Health, Health Policy, Hospital Management, Health Economics, Law and Ethics, Community Medicine, Environmental Hazards, Public Health Laws, Social determinants of Health, Biostatistics.

Clinical Research

Clinical Trials, Clinical Data Management, Drug discovery, Drug development, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacometrics, Epidemiology, Pharmacoviligiance, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, International Regulatory, Validation Techniques, Industrial Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Proteomics, Biochemistry, Herbal technology, Phytochemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, PK/PD, Chiral Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, Toxicology, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmaco informatics, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacogenomics, Pharmaceutical Engineering.


Clinical Guidelines, Health Care, Medical Science, Nursing Education, Nursing Practice, Nursing Research, Patient Care.


Abnormal Psychology, Biological Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Applied Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Comparative Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Personality Psychology, School Psychology, Social Psychology.


Retail Management, International Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, High-technology and new media marketing, Investment Management, Financial Services, Costing and Financial Management, Banking and Finance Management, Human Resource Management, E-Commerce, Motivational Theories, Training and Development, Organizational Behavior and Industrial Relations, Entrepreneurship Management, Management Information System, Event Management, Disaster Management, Project Management, Technology Management, Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management.

Information Technology

Information Assurance and Security, Project Management, Enterprise information systems, IT for the healthcare sector, Robotics, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction, Data Mining and Data Warehousing, Embedded Systems, Distributed and High-Performance Computing, Computer networks, Bioinformatics, Cryptography, Simulation and Modelling, Data Structures and Algorithms, Graphics and Visualization, Cloud Computing, Steganography.

Alternative medicine

  1. Yoga

    Philosophy, Spirituality, Psychology, Human Consciousness, Therapy, Bio Mechanics, Exercise and sport sciences, Literary/textual studies, Yoga-Spirituality, Yoga and Life Sciences, Yoga and Physical Sciences, Yoga and Management Studies, Yoga and Humanities, Physiology of Meditation Techniques, Physiology of Pranayama, Yoga for Rehabilitation, Yoga in Perception and Performance, Therapeutic Applications of Yoga.

  2. Ayurveda

    Ayurved Samhita & Siddhanta (Ayurvedic Compendia & Basic Principles), Rachana Sharir (Anatomy), Kriya sharir (Physiology), Dravyaguna Vigyan (Materia Medica & Pharmacology), Rasashastra (Ayurvedic Metals & Minerals/Iatrochemistry), Bhaishajya Kalpana (Pharmaceuticals Science), Agadtantra & Vidhi Vaidyaka (Toxicology & Forensic Medicine), Svasthavritta (Preventive Social Medicine & Yoga), Roganidana & Vikriti Vigyan (Pathology & Diagnostic Procedure), Kayachikitsa (General Medicine), Manovigyan & Manasroga (Psychiatry), Rasayan & Vajikaran (Rejuvenation & Aphrodisia), Panchakarma (Five Bio-cleansing Procedures), Prasuti & Stri Roga (Gynecology & Obstetrics), Kaumarbhritya-Balaroga (Pediatrics), Shalyatantra (General Surgery), Shalakyatantra (Otorhinolaryngology/ENT & Ophthalmology).

  3. Naturopathy

    History of Naturopathic Medicine, Naturopathic Principles, Naturopathic Theories and Practice, Naturopathic Medical Education, Naturopathic Therapies, Naturopathic Quotes, Regulation of Naturopathic Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Botanical Medicine, Physical Medicine, Natural Childbirth, Oriental Medicine, Counseling and Stress Management, Public Health Measures and Hygiene, Trends in Hydrotherapy Research, Naturopathic and Western Herbal Medicine, Evidence-Based Medicine in Naturopathy, Probiotics, Environmental Medicine, Apple Cider Vinegar.

  4. Homeopathy

    Health, Ethical and Social Issues in the field of Homeopathy Research, Homepathic Education, Homeopathic Materica Medica, Homeopathic Repertory, Organon and Philospohy, Homeopathic Pharmacy, Homepathic Drug Proving, Practice of Medicine.


History of Philosophy from Descartes to Kant, Knowledge and Reality, Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science and Social Science, Philosophy of Religion, The Philosophy of Logic and Language, Aesthetics, Medieval Philosophy: Aquinas, Medieval Philosophy: Duns Scotus and Ockham, The Philosophy of Kant, Post-Kantian Philosophy, Theory of Politics, Plato, Republic, Formal Logic, Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Mathematics, Jurisprudence, The Rise of Modern Logic, Biblical Studies, Biblical Interpretation, Christian History, Islamic History and Culture, Theological Foundations, Christian Formation, Faith and spirituality in today, Theology of Everyday Life, Work & Vocation , Exegesis , Contemporary Trinitarian Theology, Old Testament Theology, New Testament Theology, Communication Skills in Theology, Hinduism, Buddhism, Indigenous Religions.

Food and Nutrition

Impact of nutritional science on food product developments, Nutritional implications of food processing, Bioavailability of nutrients and non nutrients, Nutritional quality of novel foods, Role of the human microbioma in nutrition, Food-nutrient interactions, Use of biotechnology in food science/nutrition, Food acceptability and dietary selection, Nutritional and physiological aspects of food, Dietary requirements and nutritive value of food, Food toxicology, Associations and effects of foods and nutrients on health, Dietary patterns and health, Molecular nutrition, Health claims on foods, Nutrition and cognitive functions, Nutritional effects of food composition and processing, Nutrition in developing countries, Animal and in vitro models with clear relevance for human nutrition, Nutrition and the Environment, Food and Nutrition Education, Nutrition and Economics.

Political Sciences

Democratic Theory, French Politics, Culture & Society, German Politics and Society, Social Quality, Italian Politics, Political theory, Comparative politics, Public administration, International relations, Public law, Political methodology, Comparative politics, including area studies, International relations, Political philosophy e.g. Political ethics, Public administration, Public law, Political movements, Political parties, Bullying laws, Civil disobedience.

After payment all accepted papers of the Scientific E-Conference will be reviewed and further recommended for publication in the following respective South American Journals:

On payment of the Registration fee of 49$, all accepted papers of the Scientific E-Conference will be reviewed and further recommended for publication in the following respective journals:

South American Journal of Public Health, ISSN: 2309-6470

South American Journal of Clinical Research, ISSN: 2311-7656

South American Journal of Academic Research, ISSN: 2311-7672

South American Journal of Nursing, ISSN: 2410-437X

South American Journal of Medicine, ISSN: 2309-6241

South American Journal of Management, ISSN: 2410-8197


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