About the e-Conference

e-Conference in simple terms is a gathering that takes place over an electronic medium rather than in the traditional face-to-face manner. The most common form of an e-conference is done through the latest technologies which allows individuals and groups from across the globe to be a part of the conference without physically travelling to an agreed upon location. Like the normal conference, you can witness renowned chairperson, keynote speakers, participants, attendees and so on. You get an immediate feedback on your presentation. Apart from all this there is question session where other participants have the privilege to clarify their doubts with regard to their paper. In simple words, e-conference is a virtual conference session.

With latest technologies evolving in the world a number of things have become convenient for people. To be a part of this world we need to adapt to what's new. Keeping in mind the latest trend, Texila American University, one among the renowned Medical Universities in the Caribbean planned bringing the idea of e-Conference to Reality. TAU is the only private university that has launched the concept of e-conferencing. Our approach has always been different, and that is why we have been successful in conducting 5 e-Conferences consecutively from 2014.

TAU is all set to conduct the 2018 edition of e-Conference in Digital Marketing niche. This e-Conference “Global Digital Marketing Summit” will happen in the month of July & August 2018.

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International conference
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What Is e-Conference?

E-Conference is a way of attending conferences over electronic means; it helps business owners save time, hefty travel expenses and gives complete flexibility. The most commonly referred e-Conference methods include electronic conference, virtual conference, internet conference, web conference and virtual events in general. Although people use different terminology to refer it, the process is same; you take part in the conference over a virtual realm. Either you want to attend the conference or join as a speaker; e-Conference makes it feasible to do it from the place you are.

Flexible & Convenient

e-Conference help you to participate in International events from anywhere in the world. You can join the virtual conference through Laptop, Computer, iPad, or a Smartphone. Convenience & Flexibility is the significant reason why people are want to go with e-Conferences.

Saves Money & Time

Anyone attending e-Conference can save expenses related to boarding & lodging since there is no travel required in this type of event. Considering the effort & timing you invest in taking part in a physical conference is reduced highly reduced.

Reduces workload

If you are planning to organize a conference, it is easy to host an e-conference than a physical conference. You don’t need to book halls or make hospitality arrangement for your participants. All you need is uninterrupted internet connection.

Network with Experts

Listen to experts and influencers on any field from your home/ office. e-Conference brings together multitudes from varying nationality. Get chance to meet people & build your network over a virtual space.

GDMS Benefits


Digital Marketing Conferences

Digital Marketing Conferences


Best & brightest minds to share thoughts

Digital Marketing Conferences

Digital Marketing Conferences


Keep pace with trends & grow business

Digital Marketing Conferences

Digital Marketing Conferences


Build relationship and get new business leads

How to join an e-Conference?

  • Enroll for Conference participation

    Decide the e-Conference you want to take part. Register at the event website to join as an attendee or participant in the e-conference


    Collect unique link to the conference halls and take part in the live event when it happens. Join the session with influencers.

  • Do more than just
    listening in the

    Participate in interactive sessions with the speakers and ask questions to the presenters if you have anything that needs clarification.